Joan Vidal Andres

Hi there! I’m Joan, a French web designer & developer… And you just landed on my portfolio,!

I enjoy making websites for… woa! About 10 years, now!
And I’m still attached to new techs. So guess what: this website is built using HTML5 HTML5 and responsive CSS3 CSS3 !

Your screen's a bit small, but don't worry: we resized it all just for you!
One more time!

I picked up for youSome selected worksGuaranteed 100% lorem ipsum-free.

Pierres et Matériaux Naturels Pierres et Matériaux Naturels Preview

Pierres et Matériaux

Site vitrine, gestion des stocks – 2011

Front-end dev / Back-office design & dev

Localisation JS/jQuery PHP/MySQL Self-made back-office SEO

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Le Gobelin Le Gobelin Preview

Le Gobelin

Site vitrine (boutique de jeux) – 2011

Modif thème / Contenu / Google Apps

WordPress WordPress theme

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Les Vendanges Les Vendanges Preview

Les Vendanges

Site vitrine, gestion des stocks – 2009

Front-end design & dev / Back-office design & dev

Localisation JS/jQuery PHP/MySQL Self-made back-office

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about me

I love designing and building creative, user-friendly website and easy-to-use interfaces.
I also have an obsession with pixel-perfect design, which comes from my addiction to little big details! (Sometimes it's cool, but sometimes it's evil.)

So I told you I was from Paris? Actually, I am from Marly le Roi, but it's very close.
You're asking, “why is this website in English?”. Well, look closer: there is some French!

And I don't only play with web languages on computers, I love to make short movies and to play games. I'm also a flute musician! But let's go back to webdesign.

what I do


The external beauty.
Let's convince users to go further.

  • Web design
  • User experience Ergonomie
  • Responsive design
  • Identité visuelle


The inner beauty.
Strictness and security
are key.

  • Web dev
  • Back-office dev
  • e-Commerce
  • Misc desktop things

what I master

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Ergonomie
  • PHP / MySQL
  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Ski
  • Bobsleigh

time to say hi